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Where does SALT get the food it provides to seniors? 

Most of our food comes from Second Harvest food bank, although we also get donations from churches, individuals, and other organizations.

When does SALT deliver the food boxes?

SALT delivers twice monthly on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, depending on which route each household has been assigned.

Does SALT charge for the food boxes?

SALT never charges our recipients for the food delivered to them.

Does SALT distribute USDA food?

SALT distributes USDA food to all those who meet the government qualifications.  If a person does not meet the government qualifications, we can still provide food that we receive from other sources.  Distributing USDA food allows us to provide a greater variety of food than we could normally afford.

How can I start receiving SALT food?

Contact the SALT pantry coordinator at the phone or email address to request to be added to the list.  You'll be asked a few simple questions like how old are you and where do you live.  If you meet the requirements, you'll receive a delivery on the next delivery date.

How can our organization partner with SALT?

Just contact the SALT pantry coordinator, who will contact you to discuss it.  We welcome new partners to this ministry.

How many paid staff does SALT have?

None.  The people who do all the work are volunteers.  They use their own cars and pay for their own gas to make the deliveries.  Our "pay" comes being able to provide food to our neighbors who need it.

Is SALT a 501(c)(3) organization?

We are sponsored by Leeville United Methodist Church so are tax-exempt, but we are not a 501 (c)(3) organization.

How has SALT adapted to the constraints of COVID?

We have done what many businesses have done.  We limit the number of volunteers who work at any one time.  We wear masks and maintain our distance from each other.  We deliver the food boxes to our recipients' doors but ask them to maintain their distance from us also.  While we have changed some of our internal procedures, we have continued to provide food deliveries on schedule since early March.

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